September 2015

Revision Rhinoplasty: the art of secondary nasal surgery.

Most patients at our Gainesville, FL office who are seeking secondary/revision rhinoplasty have a nose that simply looks operated and unnatural or does not function as it should. Our rhinoplasty surgeon’s goal is always to produce a nose that looks natural, functions properly, and harmonizes with the patient’s other facial features. To accomplish this, it [...]

Why are there so many “botched” nose jobs?

Which do you think is the most technically difficult surgery in the field of cosmetic surgery? Ear pinning surgery? Eyelid surgery? Maybe facelifts? In fact, most plastic surgeons will tell you that rhinoplasties are the most difficult operations. Rhino—what? No, that’s not a surgery on that one-horned African animal. But the root of the word—“rhino” [...]

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